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The Entrance to the Hokianga Harbour

The View from my office lol, well where I was doing a job, repairing our radio mast.

sand birds sea sunset

Sunset over the harbour

Nice day for boating

Koutu Estuary,mangroves,very restfull

Koutu Sunrise

Early morning sunrise from along the beach

Birds in the water

Oyster catchers ,wading,waiting for food, ( we always say to the children waiting for the bus,lol)

Koutu Sunset

Sunset @ Hokianga

SunSet Opononi. Hokianga

Koutu Beach Sunset

Topaz Crafted

Austin in the bush @ Opononi

Kout Beach

Swimming Spot

Pohutakawa Tree

This is a native of New Zealand that grows around the Northern coast and has beautiful red flowers in summer, even grows hanging by its roots in rock, this is a very old tree.

Hoianga Harbour Entrance

Beautiful summers day looking out toward the Tasman sea. (To-wards Australia,)

To-night 7th April

Our friends are away so I have been feeding the cat. Matches the sunset colours.

Early Morning Beach Walk

Our Early Morning in the Hokianga

Koutu Island in the morning Mist

The Hokianga gem!

Sunset To-night

Beach Sunset

Hokianga Sunset

This is a photo looking out over the Hokianga Harbour.

Northland sunrise

Beautiful colours this morning brought to you with the help of Nik Plugin

BBQ To-night

Setting sun 13th May 2013

Samsung S3

Great sunset 15th May

Samsung S3

Great sunset 15th May 013

Hokianga sunset

Taken with my Samsung s3.


Valley view .

Waimamaku Gateway

Gateway through the undergrowth

Waimamaku Beach Road

Main road to Waimamaku Beach, good fishing here 2. See the geese on the water

Waimamaku Signage

This is the local signage as you enter the town ship of Waimamaku Hokianga New Zealand.I find it quite cute quant even

Sunset To-Night Fathers Day!!

Birds waiting, nice evening,great colours

KoutuBeach Blue Hour

I went for my walk a bit later tonight I wanted to capture the Blue Hour Sunset, This is the result


Looking towards the Harbour entrance and the sand hills sillouetted againgst the sunset. shot with a pixel Google phone.

KoutuBeach with Nikon

I took my Nikon and shot this photo with a wide angle lens on my evening walking along the beach the sunsets here are so tranquil and serene.